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Open Call for Industrial Master Thesis projects - EIT Manufacturing

For thriving B2B Industrial Tech start-ups can benefit from a tailored support package. that are:

  • actively looking to grow.
  • with demonstrated meaningful customer validation and/or traction.
  • with a dedicated full-time team with a headquarters incorporated in a EU or Horizon Europe associated country.
  • looking to enhance and complement your business development efforts.

The Business Creation team will offer you a tailored package of business development services.  Please fill out the expression of interest form below, and a representative from the Business Creation team will be in touch shortly.

 Permanently Open Call for applications for financial support to start-ups:
 Accelerate 2023

The EIT Manufacturing Accelerate programme has a primary objective to support, scale and accelerate industry startups into impactful players in the European manufacturing ecosystem. Accelerate programme supports and grants financing to startups and scaleups with innovative solutions and technologies, that address critical challenges in the manufacturing sector, and are helping the European manufacturing sector to become more efficient, resilient, green, and globally competitive. 

EIT Manufacturing aims to build European industry startups that show high growth and impact and addresses all range of technologies and business models, incremental improvement, and disruption. Furthermore, EIT Manufacturing encourages inclusive and gender-balanced teams to apply for this funding.

The purpose of this call is to support startups with innovative product/service that address at least one of the following four EIT Manufacturing focus areas (flagships)

The Accelerate Call is open to startups with solutions at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 or higher, that are currently fundraising or preferably already in an ongoing funding round with the following characteristics:

  • Developing new product/services/solutions serving the manufacturing sector. 
  • Significantly improving an existing product/services/solutions for expansion into a new industry sector or a new geographic area. 
  • Innovative product/service contributing to at least one of the EIT Manufacturing Focus Areas (flagships). Ideas demonstrating commercial prospects and track-record.
  • Management and technical expertise available. 

The Call for Applications is open for-profit private businesses established in the Member States (MS) of the European Union (EU), and/or in Third countries associated to Horizon Europe with at least 2 team members.  Specific conditions apply for startups established in the United Kingdom, and exceptionally in Switzerland.

The total maximum EIT funding allocated to this call is 4,000,000 EUR. The available financial support (also known as “sub-grant”) is up to 500,000 EUR per company to pursue activities which are in line with the overall EIT Manufacturing objectives and based on submitted project budget by the applicant.

Applicants are invited to send their applications at any time and before any of these cut-off dates:

  • First cut-off   date: September 1st, 2023, 12:00 pm   CET 
  • Second cut-off   date: October 2nd, 2023, 12:00 pm   CET 
  • Third cut-off   date: November 6th, 2023, 12:00 pm   CET 
  • Fourth cut-off   date: December 1st, 2023, 12:00 pm   CET 

You can find the official Terms and Conditions of the Accelerate 2023 Call here.



Please, fill out the online form to express your interest in joining to the EIT Manufacturing Teaching Factories Competition! You can appoint up to two Solver Teams composed of 5 students for addressing the selected challenges on Deep Tech!  

Fill out the application form only after carefully reading the Call text which can be reached at the Teaching Factories Competition site.

Join us to this exciting initiative!

Welcome to TRANSFORM Call 2023!

Permanently Open Call for applications.

The EIT Manufacturing's TRANSFORM programme aims to drive technological advancements in the European manufacturing industry. It supports the integration of innovative technologies into existing systems and supply chains of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), mid-cap companies, and corporates. The focus of TRANSFORM Call 2023 is on helping well-established manufacturing companies stay competitive and sustainable by adopting new technologies.

The Call collaborates with startups to implement these technologies in pilot projects to address specific industrial challenges. The EIT Manufacturing's Business Creation team facilitates partnerships between manufacturing companies or SMEs and startups, offering guidance, support, and funding throughout the pilot projects. The goal is to provide innovative solutions for the companies involved while also creating new market opportunities for startups.

The startups applying to the TRANSFORM Call 2023 must meet our eligibility criteria (check in website).

The available financial support (also known as “sub-grant”) is 20,000 EUR per pilot project for activities which are in line with the overall EIT Manufacturing objectives.

The TRANFORM Call 2023 selected startups must conduct an in-situ demonstration of the pilot project by December 31st, 2024.

Applicants are invited to this permanently open open call and to send their applications at any time and before any of these cut-off dates:

  • First cut-off date: September 7th, 2023, 12:00 pm CET 
  • Second cut-off date: October 9th, 2023, 12:00 pm CET 
  • Third cut-off date: November 9th, 2023, 12:00 pm CET 
  • Fourth cut-off date: December 1st, 2023, 12:00 pm CET

You can find the official Terms and Conditions of the TRANSFORM Call 2O23: (link T&Cs HERE).

Welcome to BoostUp! South East 2023

    EIT Manufacturing launches the “BoostUp! South East 2023” call and competition aiming at selecting and supporting early-stage and mature startups from the South East region of Europe (namely Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Moldova, North Macedonia, Romania, and Türkiye) willing to internationalize and scale up their business in Europe.
        Finalist applicants shortlisted from the 1st phase, will receive a “growth package” service support of up to four months duration that is offered by the Business Creation team of EIT Manufacturing.
        The top 3 winning applicants selected during the 2nd phase, will receive a prize award to support their go-to-European-market strategy.



“BoostUp! South East 2023” is open to applications from startups registred in one of the countries of the South East region of Europe (namely Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Moldova, North Macedonia, Romania, and Türkiye) with solutions in the realm of manufacturing technologies. In particular, submissions need to fit one of the following EIT Manufacturing focus areas as well as the following technology domains:

  • Simulation & Advanced Engineering Tools
  • Virtual/ Augmented Reality based solutions for industrial applications
  • Logistics Technologies
  • Advanced Additive Manufacturing solutions
  • Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) Infrastructure 
  • Advanced Sensors (Industrial IoT) & Drones, Industrial Cybersecurity
  • Data analytics/ Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins 
  • Environmental and Social Sustainability.

Call opening: August 1st, 2023, 12:00 EEST until 
Call closing: October 16th, 2023, 23:59 EEST.

Eligibility and admissibility check: until October 20th, 2023

1st phase: Evaluation of proposals: until November 13th, 2023

Announcement of 2nd phase shortlist: November 21st, 2023

2nd phase: live pitch session: November 29th, 2023

       The event will be organized and hosted by the EIT Manufacturing Co-Location Centre South East, at Divani Palace Acropolis at 19-25 Parthenonos Str., 11742, Athens Greece.

Communication of results: A jury deliberation meeting will take place directly after the pitch session. Right after the jury decision is taken, the results will be announced publicly during the award ceremony of the event.

       The total maximum EIT funding allocated to this call is up to 15,000 EUR.

       The finalists compete for “growth packages” of dedicated support services provided by the EIT Manufacturing Business Creation team. The competition is aiming to find and scale up the best solutions for sustainable, resilient, and socially impactful manufacturing. Finalists will also obtain access to EIT Manufacturing's pan-European innovation network and thus enhance their visibility and international publicity through EIT Manufacturing’s communication channels.

       In addition to the “growth package” prize, the top 3 winners (ranked 1 to 3), will receive a monetary prize.  The prize fund is as follows:
  • First prize:       €7,500
  • Second prize: €5,000
  • Third prize:     €2,500

Applicants shortlisted for the 2nd phase shall participate to the in-person final event and pitch their proposal to a jury panel of independent experts to be entitled to receive the award.



(1) This Application Form, duly filled in

(2)  Company Pitch Deck in Microsoft PowerPoint format; such file will be used as supporting presentation in case the startup is shortlisted for the 2nd phase: the document must be tailored to a 5 minutes presentation and the following details shall be clearly outlined:

  • target markets and description of the main(s) applicative use case(s) addressed by the company offerings and technologies;
  • team and company organization;
  • existing business traction (i.e. revenues from commercial activities);
  • business development plans (incl. financial aspects) and go-to-European-market strategy.

(3)  Company logo in high quality graphic format (this will be used for the call promotional campaign)

(4)  Company Registration Certificate



EVALUATION CRITERIA (assessed by independent experts)

  • EXCELLENCE: The application presents an innovative solution with potential of the product or service to improve manufacturing
  • IMPACT: The application is addressed to specific target group/s and/or market sector/s and the solution demonstrates a competitive advantage over existing offers in the market
  • IMPLEMENTATION: The team/founders have the expertise, and entrepreneurial drive
  • STRATEGIC FIT: The application contributes to the Competition areas






Ignite the spark of Circular Economy for Industry!

Participate in BoostUp! FRANCE 2023, a competition that offers a unique opportunity to French startups aiming to internationalize and scale up their business in Europe. Keep reading to discover the benefits of this competition!

Who can apply?

French startups with solutions in the realm of manufacturing technologies. In particular, submissions need to fit one of EIT Manufacturing’s focus areas, with a special emphasis on circular economy for Industry 4.0. 


  • Call opening: August 2nd, 2023
  • Call closing: October 5th, 2023
  • In-person pitch session at Station F: December 8th, 2023

What’s in it for you?

  • Support for internationalisation
  • Visibility and access to EIT Manufacturing’s European network
  • Prize awards: €7,000 (1st), €5,000 (2nd), €3,000 (3rd)

Do you want more information?

You can check the BoostUp! France's website and download the application guidelines.

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