Supercharge Programme

For scaleups that want to accelerate their business

Who are Supercharge companies?

  • You are actively looking to grow.
  • You have demonstrated meaningful customer traction.
  • You have been in operation for more than one year.
  • You have a dedicated full-time team with a headquarters incorporated in a EU or Horizon Europe associated country.
  • You are looking to enhance and complement your business development efforts.

In this programme, the Business Creation team will offer you a tailored package of business development and access to finance support services.  Please fill out the expression of interest form below, and a representative from the Business Creation team will be in touch shortly.

Switch On Programme
For problem-solving startups that want to start shining

Who are Switch On companies?

  • You have a proven prototype or proof of concept for an innovative product that addresses critical manufacturing pain points (TRL 6 minimum).​
  • You have recently established a legal entity or are planning to do so in the near-term.​
  • You have no, or low, commercial revenues.
  • You have an entrepreneurial team, with a minimum of two members, and at least one co-founder resident in a EU or Horizon Europe associated country.​
  • You are looking to enhance and complement your business development efforts.

In this programme, the Business Creation team will offer you a tailored package of business development and access to finance support services.  Please fill out the expression of interest form below, and a representative from the Business Creation team will be in touch shortly.

Welcome to BoostUp! 2023 – IRELAND edition

EIT Manufacturing launches the “BoostUp! 2023 – IRELAND edition” call and competition aiming at selecting and supporting spin-offs, early-stage and mature Irish startups willing to internationalise and scale up their business in Europe.

Finalist applicants shortlisted from the 1st phase, will receive a “growth package” service support of up to four months duration that is offered by the Business Creation team of EIT Manufacturing.

The top 3 winning applicants selected during the 2nd phase, will receive an exclusive invitation to join a matchmaking event in Europe and a prize award to support their go-to-European-market strategy. 

“BoostUp! 2023 IRELAND edition” is open to applications from Irish spinoffs and startups with solutions in the realm of manufacturing technologies. In particular, submissions need to fit one of the following EIT Manufacturing focus areas as well as the following technology domains:

  • Simulation & Advanced Engineering Tools
  • Industrial VR/AR
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Logistics Tech
  • Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Advanced Sensors
  • Advanced Detection (IR/Noise/etc.)
  • Industrial Cybersecurity
  • Connectivity and IoT Infrastructure
  • Data analytics/AI
  • Digital Twins
  • Ecological and Social Sustainability.

Key dates and milestones
Call opening: March 1st, 2023, 12:00 CET until 

Call closing:  April 30th, 2023, 23:59 CEST.  

Eligibility and admissibility check: until May 8th, 2023

1st phase: Evaluation of proposals: until May 15th, 2023

Announcement of 2nd phase shortlist: May 16th, 2023

2nd phase: live pitch session: June 20th, 2023
hosted by the EIT Manufacturing Network Partner ATIM Cluster (Advanced Technologies In    Manufactuirng) and the Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR), at their location in Mullingar, Co.Westmeath, N91 TX80, Ireland.

Communication of results: A jury deliberation meeting will take place directly after the pitch session. Right after the jury decision is taken, the results will be announced publicly during the event.

The total maximum EIT funding allocated to this call is up to 15,000 EUR

The finalists compete for “growth packages” of dedicated support services in coaching, mentoring and IP management provided by the EIT Manufacturing Business Creation team. The competition is aiming to find and scale up the best solutions for sustainable, resilient, and socially impactful manufacturing. Finalists will also obtain access to EIT Manufacturing's pan-European innovation network and thus enhance their visibility and international publicity through EIT Manufacturing’s communication channels.

In addition to the “growth package” prize, the top 3 winners (ranked 1 to 3), will receive a monetary prize.  The prize fund is as follows:

  • First prize:       €7,500
  • Second prize: €5,000
  • Third prize:     €2,500

Applicants shortlisted for the 2nd phase shall participate to the in-person final event and pitch their proposal to a jury panel of independent experts to be entitled to receive the award.

List of documents to be submitted
(1)   This Application Form, duly filled in
(2)  Company Pitch Deck in Microsoft PowerPoint format; such file will be used as supporting presentation in case the startup is shortlisted for the 2nd phase: the document must be tailored to a 4 minutes presentation and the following details shall be clearly outlined:

  • target markets and description of the main(s) applicative use case(s) addressed by the company offerings and technologies;
  • team and company organization;
  • existing business traction (i.e. recurring revenues from commercial activities);
  • business development plans (incl. financial aspects) and go-to-European-market strategy.

(3)  Company logo in high quality graphic format (this will be used for the call promotional campaign)
(4)  Company Registration Certificate

List of documents to take into consideration

Evaluation criteria
Evaluation criteria assessed by independent experts:

  • EXCELLENCE: The startup presents an innovative solution with potential of the product or service to improve manufacturing
  • IMPACT: The startup is addressed to specific target group/s and/or market sector/s and the solution demonstrates a competitive advantage over existing offers in the market
  • IMPLEMENTATION: The team/founders have the expertise, and entrepreneurial drive
  • STRATEGIC FIT: The startup contributes to the Competition areas


EIT Manufacturing invites women innovators (i.e. professionals, researchers or entrepreneurs) from EIT RIS eligible countries who have played a leading role in developing innovative manufacturing-related solutions to apply to the LEADERS – Women Innovators in Manufacturing at EIT RIS competition within the EIT Manufacturing's RIS Programme.

Who can apply:

LEADERS – Women Innovators in Manufacturing at EIT RIS”- is open to applications from women innovators (i.e. professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs, etc.) that are citizens of EIT RIS eligible countries and play a leading role in developing solution fitting one of the following EIT Manufacturing flagship areas:

• Flexible Production Systems for Competitive Manufacturing. 

• Low Environmental Footprint Systems & Circular Economy for Green Manufacturing. 

• Digital & Collaborative Solutions for Innovative Manufacturing Ecosystems. 

• Human-machine co-working for socially sustainable manufacturing.

The call is open for women that are citizens of EIT RIS eligible countries:

• EU Member States: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia

• Horizon Europe Associated Countries: Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Türkiye, Ukraine

• Outermost Regions: Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Réunion, Martinique, Mayotte and Saint-Martin (France), the Azores and Madeira (Portugal), and the Canary Islands (Spain

Key Dates

1st phase

Call opening: May 19th, 2023, 10:00 AM CEST 

Call closing: July 18th, 2023, 23:59 CEST 

Call online Info Day: June 9th 2023, 10:00 AM CEST ( Date TBC)

Eligibility and admissibility check: Until July 24th, 2023 

Online pitch training for eligible applicants: early September 2023 

2nd phase 

Online pitch submission: mid-September 2023 

Evaluation of full proposals: until October 9th, 2023

Communication of results: Until October 24th, 2023

Awarding ceremony: November 2023, in Brussels (in the occasion of the EIT Manufacturing Summit)

EIT Manufacturing